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LyondellBasell Advice on Social Engineering Fraud

Houston, October 18, 2021

Dear Valued Customer,

The industry is experiencing an increasing number of social engineering activities, scams and other cyber-
crime activities. We care about our customers and want to reinforce practices that can support you in preventing damage caused by these activities.

Below we reinforce a few principles that will help you to protect your company and its assets.

• Our customers pay their invoices on the bank account mentioned on the invoice; we suppose that you
have in place electronic system alerts in case the account number on the invoice does not match the LYB
account number active in your systems.

• Any LyondellBasell request to change the remit-to bank account where you pay your invoices,comes only
in writing from us by email from your LyondellBasell key account manager or contact mentioned in
the Notice section of the relevant Contract.

• In case of doubt, prior to making any payment, and in case you receive written instructions to pay the
invoice on another bank account then mentioned on the invoice you are always supposed to do a double
verification by
• i) get this change confirmed by email from the person and by the email account mentioned
in the Notice section of the Contract / Regular (sales) contact and
• ii) have this change confirmed by phone by your regular Sales contact.

• Only email addresses with the and annotation originate from our
company. In the event you do not recognize the name of the sender or it is misspelled, please do not open
the email or any of the attachments and contact your IT department immediately.

• Please reach out immediately, to your LyondellBasell Sales contact, in case of any suspicious email
communication or other activity from which it appears that it originates from LyondellBasell.
We will never ask for your personal information, or password.

Please always remain vigilant, and do not hesitate to reach out to your Sales contact regarding
any questions you might have. Together, we can reduce the potential for loss for our companies as it
relates to web-criminality.

Kind regards,