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LyondellBasell Hurricane Plans

June 3, 2021
Subject: LyondellBasell 2021 Hurricane Preparedness Plans

Dear Valued Customer:
We are committed to providing a 2021 Hurricane Response Plan that maximizes the safety of our
employees and minimizes the disruption of services and supply to our customers. This communication
summarizes the LyondellBasell resources available to you if we experience a hurricane or other severe
weather conditions that impact our Gulf Coast operations.

To protect your business operations, we are strongly encouraging you to:

  1. Plan ahead as much as possible for potential severe weather-related supply disruptions. Our
    US chemical and polymer supply chain is currently optimized for real-time supply demand dynamics and
    could experience weather-related inventory disruptions and weather-related transportation issues (in an
    already constrained transportation industry) as a result of a severe weather-related event.
  2. Review our plans and resources outlined below, which are designed to mitigate the impact
    of a severe weather-related event to our operations:
    Our toll-free customer service number 1-888-777-0232 will be available 24 hours a day. The
    LyondellBasell Website,, will also provide severe weather updates for customers.
  3. Customer Service and Logistics Activities:
    We plan to have personnel situated at safe locations with the required connectivity to manage
    important customer service and logistics activities. We are also working with our logistics service
    providers to ensure that they have Hurricane Preparedness Plans in place.
    We encourage all of our customers to use the LyondellBasell online order management tool:
    This tool provides order placement options, order status updates, bills of lading, certificates of analysis,
    invoices and tracking, and tracing of railcars.
    If you are not familiar with our Customer Xpress tool, now would be an excellent time to sign up for it
    with your Account Specialist, who will be happy to help you get started.

Plant Operations:
A process is in place to effectively manage our shutdown procedures, if required, prior to landfall of a
hurricane or other severe weather related event. Our recovery teams will immediately begin assessing
issues at our facilities once the situation is under control.

We are dedicated to minimizing disruption of services to our customers in the event of severe weather.
We have successfully demonstrated our ability to service our customers remotely during Hurricane
Harvey and the current Covid-19 pandemic. Thank you for your continued business and confidence in
LyondellBasell as a preferred supplier.