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Chemical Deal Results


Seller Buyer Business Date
NexPlanar Corporation Cabot Microelectronics advanced CMP pad solutions – $22s/$127v 3rd Quarter 2015
Lanxess Saudi Aramco 50-50 JV in synthetic rubber (Lanxess to contribute its synthetic rubber business) – €3,000s/€2,750v for total JV 3rd Quarter 2015
TorQuest Partners Symrise Pinova (pine and aroma chemicals) – $287s/$397v + $20 potential earnout 3rd Quarter 2015
Haverhill Chemicals Altivia Petrochemicals phenol, acetone and bisphenol A 3rd Quarter 2015
APCO Industies Canada Colors & Chemicals industrial solvents and chemicals 3rd Quarter 2015
Proctor & Gamble Coty fine fragrance, color cosmetics and hair colors – $12,500v 3rd Quarter 2015
Madinal Enterprises PPG acquisition of remaining interest in Chemfil Canada (pretreatment products and other industrial chemicals, for automotive OEMs) 3rd Quarter 2015
Axiall Ineos Aromatics division and Pasadena TX plant (cumene) – $52v + earnout 3rd Quarter 2015
Particle Sciences Lubrizol contract drug formulation and production 3rd Quarter 2015
American Securities Kraton Performance Polymers Arizona Chemical (pine chemicals) $1,370v 3rd Quarter 2015
Dow Chemical Douglas Products sulfuryl fluoride businesses Vikand and ProFume 3rd Quarter 2015
Polymer Z M. Holland Company resin distribution for the automotive industry 3rd Quarter 2015
Rentech Nitrogen Partners CVR Partners nitrogen fertilizers (excluding Pasadena TX facility) – $533v 3rd Quarter 2015
Soto Industries Kemira scale control, defoaming and settling products for the pulp & paper industry 3rd Quarter 2015
Unipex IFF Lucas Meyer Cosmetics (cosmetic and personal care ingredients) – €40s/€283v 3rd Quarter 2015
Burtin Polymer Labs and Coating and Foam Solutions Arsenal Capital (Accella Performance Materials) spray foams and coatings for insulation and roofing, and specialized spray elastomers 3rd Quarter 2015
Premium Spray Products Arsenal Capital (Accella Performance Materials) spray foams for insulation and roofing, and specialized polyurethane systems 3rd Quarter 2015
Buhler AG Nanopool GmbH nano-tech division 3rd Quarter 2015
SKF Gen Cap America Canfield Technologies (pastes and preforms for metal joining) – $17s/$23v 3rd Quarter 2015
Precision Colors Ellis Co,. color concentrates – $1s 3rd Quarter 2015
Adtec Colorant Corp. Tosaf Group color concentrates and liquid and additive masterbatches 3rd Quarter 2015
Sagar Enterprises PVS Chemicals distribution 3rd Quarter 2015
Swisher Hygiene Ecolab acquisition of US operations (cleaning and sanitizing products and services for the institutional foodservice industry) $176s/$40v 3rd Quarter 2015
Swisher Hygiene undisclosed acquisition of Canadian operations 3rd Quarter 2015
OCI CF Industries nitrogen, ammonia, methanol and distribution – $8,000v 3rd Quarter 2015
AKZO Ashland Zeta Fraction plant extraction technology 3rd Quarter 2015
Polymer Partners RTP Co. black compounds and masterbatches 3rd Quarter 2015
DB Becker Maroon Group specialty chemicals distribution – $42s 3rd Quarter 2015
OCI Ciner Group 75% stake in OCI Resources (soda ash) 3rd Quarter 2015
Shu-Chem Holdings Haltermann Carless Solutions alcohols and esters used in pharmaceuticals and printing 3rd Quarter 2015
Olympus Partners Pritzker Group Private Capital PLZ Aeroscience (specialty aerosols) 3rd Quarter 2015
Priority Energy Services Airgas nitrogen services 3rd Quarter 2015
Weldinghouse Airgas industrial gas and welding supplies 3rd Quarter 2015
Crown Polymers American Polymers Corp. (Polycoat Polymers) floor coatings and concrete repair systems 3rd Quarter 2015
Cytec Solvay acquisition of whole company (composite materials and mining chemicals, additives and phosphine chemicals) – $2,000s/$6,400v 3rd Quarter 2015
Chemical Associates Univar oleochemicals marketing, manufacturing and distribution 3rd Quarter 2015
Alent Platform Specialty Products specialty chemicals and other materials for the electronics, automotive and industrial sector, including soldering materials – $413s/$2,300v 3rd Quarter 2015