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Master Terrazzo Acquired by MTT Investment

May 18, 2022


Levittown PA – MTT Investment Group LLC, a private investment group managed by Michael F. Blackburn (“MTT
Investment Group”) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Master Terrazzo Technologies and related

Master Terrazzo is a leading, Pennsylvania-based manufacturer and distributor of terrazzo products including Morricite™
Thin-Set Epoxy Terrazzo and other components for terrazzo flooring, utilized in commercial construction applications. The
Morricite™ brand has an over 60-year history. Master Terrazzo provides support to architects and designers, and partners
with qualified terrazzo installers throughout the USA and other parts of the world. The terms of the transaction have not
been disclosed.

Jim Guy, President and CEO of Master Terrazzo, commented,
I would like to thank all of you who have helped us to grow the name of Master Terrazzo Technologies. First of all, I would
like to thank the great employees that we have had over the years. There should be no question, we have been a great
family. I would also like to thank our customers, the best contractors in the world. We are grateful for your trust in us, and
we thank you for your expertise. We are grateful for the vendors who have done so much for us, especially those who have
taken a special interest in us and have gone above and beyond to keep us supplied with the products we need. But, most
of all, I am indebted to my LORD who has guided my life and helped me through it all. I am happy and excited to introduce
MTT Investment Group as the new owners of Master Terrazzo Technologies. In a different category, I thank my wife Monica
who was always with me in the good and bad. And to my children, all who have worked with me in my early days, and who
still laugh with me about the times that we worked together.

Michael Blackburn, President of MTT Investment Group commented,
After more than 15 years at Master Terrazzo, I could not be more enthusiastic about this opportunity to continue the growth
and mission of this fine company. The legacy of Master Terrazzo can be seen in the millions of square feet of projects
completed throughout the nation and in other parts of the world, which is a direct result of providing the finest terrazzo
system available to our certified installer network, which is second to none.

Above all else, my goal will be to provide the premier terrazzo system to the finest terrazzo installers, and to offer
outstanding customer service and support to our architectural and design clients, and to our terrazzo installers. Selecting
terrazzo should always be gratifying experience for architects, designers and building owners; there is no finer floor finish.
About Master Terrazzo Technologies

Throughout several transitions since the 1960’s, Master Terrazzo Technologies has been perfecting the science of the
design and installation of terrazzo.

In 1960, the MacNaughton-Brooks Company formulated and introduced Morricite™ to the terrazzo industry. Morricite™ was
named after Port Morris Tile and Marble, in respect for their valued contribution in the early product development.
Master Builders Technologies, worldwide leaders in admixture technology, purchased the MacNaugton-Brooks Company in
1978, and Master Terrazzo Technologies, LLC purchased the Morricite™ product line in 1997, with a commitment to provide
innovation and leadership through a total commitment of resources to the terrazzo industry.

In 2008, Master Terrazzo Technologies was purchased by Consolidated Coatings, Inc. This acquisition resulted from CCI’s
long-term interest in the terrazzo business. Following the acquisition, Michael H. Blackburn (father of Michael F Blackburn),
a prior owner of MTT with over 20 years of experience in the terrazzo industry, remained with MTT as National Sales

Master Terrazzo Technologies has provided materials for many millions of square feet of quality terrazzo installations
throughout the world. The foundation of any epoxy terrazzo manufacturer is the terrazzo matrix that binds the aggregate
and bonds the terrazzo to the concrete substrate. Our flagship Morricite™ System has a rich history of performance and
value dating back for over 60 years.

Learn More: https://masterterrazzo.com/

About MTT Investment Group

MTT investment Group includes longtime members of the Terrazzo community including Michael F. Blackburn (President),
Joseph Wenzke, (Plant Manager) and Louis Giannini (Founder of ProTerrazzo Systems, Inc). The Team is looking forward
bringing Master Terrazzo to its full potential of success.

Michael F. Blackburn has worked up the ranks at Master Terrazzo from Customer Service Representative to National Sales
Manager. Michael’s leadership is based on extensive technical knowledge and practical experience in the industry.
Additionally, Plant Manager Joseph Wenzke has worked in the terrazzo industry for over 20 years. His passion for terrazzo
and his high standards for quality control will continue the legacy of the Master Terrazzo brand.

Louis Giannini has worked in partnership with Master Terrazzo for 10 years representing MTT’s terrazzo products in the
Northeast. Lou is looking forward to support the growth of the company.

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