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06. April 2017

John Deere offers Michelin airless radial tyre for standalone purchases

Deere & Company announced that the airless radial tyre Michelin X Tweel Turf is now available for standalone purchase at John Deere dealers. First launched in 2015, the tyre minimises the cost and time spent on tyre repairs and maintenance, providing landscape contractors with significant cost savings.

The Michelin X Tweel Turf eliminates flats and is nearly maintenance free (Source: John Deere)

The Michelin X Tweel Turf eliminates flats and is nearly maintenance free (Source: John Deere)

“We are overwhelmed by the positive response the Michelin X Tweel Turf airless radial tyre has received from the commercial mowing industry since its initial launch,” said James Dutton, tactical marketing manager for John Deere. “We are dedicated to providing customers with the innovations they need to limit downtime and focus on growing their businesses. By offering the Michelin X Tweel Turf product for standalone purchase, customers can now add this technology to existing machines in their fleets.”

When launched, the Michelin X Tweel Turf was sold exclusively for John Deere ZTrak 900 Series models as a part of a new machine purchase. Customers will now be able to buy the Michelin X Tweel Turf product for existing ZTrak 900 Series models. The tyre has the same dimensions and bolt pattern as a standard 24 x 12 x 12 tyre, and features automotive rubber technology, allowing the tread to last up to three times longer than standard turf tyres. It is certified for use on John Deere Z900 E, M, and R Series gas-power mowers with 54-, 60- and 72-inch decks.

Originally introduced by Michelin in 2005, the Tweel airless radial tyre concept is a tyre and wheel combination that replaces the current tyre, wheel and valve assembly. It is comprised of a rigid hub connected to a shear band by means of flexible, deformable polyurethane spokes and a tread band, all functioning as a single unit. In 2015, Michelin Tweel Technologies received the John Deere “Innovation of the Year Award” for the Michelin X Tweel Turf.