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Old Bomb Found in Ludwigshafen

August 21, 2015

World War Two bomb found at BASF plant in Germany


2 hours ago

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – German chemicals firm BASF said on Friday that a World War Two bomb was found at its plant in Ludwigshafen and would be defused next month.

The company said the bomb, found on Aug. 4, had been secured and that it posed no threat to employees or the public. There has been no impact on output at the plant, which is the company's largest production site with almost 40,000 employees.

Seventy years after the end of the war, unexploded bombs are still found regularly in Germany. They are usually defused or detonated in controlled blasts.

BASF said a 6.5 metre high pyramid of sandbags would be built around the 500-kilogramme bomb before it was defused on Sept. 26.


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