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PMDI Price in China

18800 RMB equates to around $1.36/lb . . .

Will the PMDI Price Continue to Fall?

2018-04-11    [Source:PUdaily]
PUdaily, Shanghai– In recent months, the price of PMDI fell sharply first. Later, it rallied slightly. Then it set on the downward trajectory again. According to PUdaily, the price of PMDI fell to RMB 18,000-19,500/ton before it bottomed out to reach RMB 19,800-21,400/ton. Then it started to decline again. As of April 2, the price had fallen to RMB 18,800-20,800/ton. In this article, PUdaily will analyze the cause of the roller coaster and make forecast about the market outlook by analyzing downstream consumptions…