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Politicians Visit Stockmeier

Congressman David McKinley and German Minister and Deputy Chief of Mission Boris Ruge visit STOCKMEIER Urethanes USA to discuss economic development in West Virginia

Clarksburg, WV – August 2018 – STOCKMEIER Urethanes USA, Inc., was pleased to host a roundtable discussing economic development in West Virginia on August 15th.  Attendees included Christian Martinkat, Chairman of the Executive Commitee of STOCKMEIER Urethanes Group and CEO of STOCKMEIER Urethanes USA, Inc., Melissa Martinkat, Chief of Staff of STOCKMEIER Urethanes USA, Inc., Congressman David Mckinley, German Minister and Deputy Chief of Mission Boris Ruge, Governor Jim Justice’s Chief of Staff Mike Hall, West Virginia University President Dr. E Gordon Gee, New Martinsville General Plant Manager Craig Graybill from Covestro LLC, Ulrich Wicke from Prebena, Inc. and various members of the local and state Chamber of Commerce as well as German Trade and Industry representatives from Washington, D.C..

Christian Martinkat said STOCKMEIER Urethanes USA has come to feel at home in the Mountain State:

“The benefit of West Virginia not being a huge state is that it’s a small community. And on the government side, the legislative side, you get to know everybody relatively quickly.  I always like to tell people that in West Virginia, if you have an issue and you need government support, you’re usually one phone call away from the governor’s office or any of his deputies to get help and to get something resolved.”  Martinkat said

Boris Ruge, German Minister and Deputy Chief of Mission expressed his appreciation of the interest and attention to detail shown by those who participated in the round table discussion.

“For me, coming from the embassy in Washington, it’s always really useful to go out and speak to people at the state and local level,” he said. “What I thought was really helpful about this conversation today was we had the business community here — three German companies represented; we had the Chamber of Commerce; we had the state level; and we had the congressman. That’s really helpful for us, you have to speak with the businesses and then you understand what’s going on.”

As a specialist within the STOCKMEIER Group, STOCKMEIER Urethanes GmbH & Co. was founded in 1991 in Germany as a polyurethane systems house focused on the development and manufacturing of coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers for a wide range of sports and industrial markets. Operating worldwide with ISO 9001 certified production facilities and laboratories in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the United States, STOCKMEIER Urethanes provides customers with consistent global delivery of high quality polyurethane products and services.