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Polycoat Acquires Chemco

Polycoat Products acquires ChemCo Systems


• Brings together ChemCo’s high performance epoxies used in construction
and transportation with Polycoat’s leadership capabilities in industrial,
commercial and residential polyurethanes, polyureas and polyaspartic

• Positions Polycoat and ChemCo for domestic and international growth in
polymer solutions for infrastructure applications.

• The combination will focus on tomorrow’s needs for innovative and
sustainable products used in new construction and to extend the lifecycles
of existing buildings, structures and facilities.

Santa Fe Springs, CA and Redwood City, CA, December 29, 2020–American Polymers Corp., dba Polycoat Products, a California company, has acquired ChemCo Systems, Inc. (“ChemCo”), an international leader in high performance construction epoxies. ChemCo will continue to expand
on its current growth opportunities with best-in-class products as an independent subsidiary of Polycoat.

“Acquiring ChemCo is very exciting for Polycoat,” said Ashish Dhuldhoya, Executive Vice President of Polycoat Products. “The addition of ChemCo to our family will expand our ability to provide advanced materials and solutions oriented new products to support the needs of our global
infrastructure partners and customers.”

“The owners of ChemCo unanimously agree that this acquisition is the right strategic direction for ChemCo and will better enable the organization to focus on its core mission of providing superior epoxy construction chemicals worldwide,” said ChemCo Vice President, John Bors.

About ChemCo
ChemCo’s industry leading construction polymer based adhesives (including epoxy injection), grouts and coatings are used on a variety of projectsincluding: Industrial and Commercial (Boeing,
Louisiana Pacific, GE, Sysco, Costco), Public Works (Bureau of Reclamation, the Washington Monument, Department of Energy, U.S. Navy and Air Force installations), Airports (>50 major airports including Hong Kong, Taoyuan Int’l, San Francisco, Sky Harbor, Los Angeles, Denver
and Seattle), Utilities (Con Ed, Arizona Power, PG&E), Sports Stadiums (Fenway Park, Dodger Stadium, Wrigley Field), and Institutional (Oschner Hospital, Holy Name Cathedral).

ChemCo is a world performance leader in modified asphalt performance with its Epoxy Asphalt product, now in its 10th generation. Epoxy Asphalt is used in the most challenging pavement applications forstrategic roads, long span bridges and open graded permeable pavements. Installed
applications have lasted over 50 years with minimal maintenance.
ChemCo has commercialized a unique insulating product developed in collaboration with a DOE laboratory called InsulPOX to serve LNG terminal facilities as well as cryogenic applications as an insulating polymer concrete (IPC) used as secondary containment in trenches and sumps. The
U.S. Navy has specified InsulPOX for use in a new LNG terminal (under construction) to feed a self-sufficient power plant.

ChemCo’s existing staff and management headed by John Bors and Ralph Eisenhut will be reinforced with additional resources and personnel from its new parent, Polycoat. Together with their industry partners and customers, Polycoat and ChemCo expect to deliver transformative
solutions and rapid new product development for global infrastructure applications.

About Polycoat
Polycoat Products was founded in 1979 in El Monte, CA. Manufacturing operations were expanded to Santa Fe Springs, CA with initial product offerings in vehicular and pedestrian deck and fluid-applied below grade waterproofing. Polycoat’s products include tire fill polyurethanes
(PU), polyureas for pickup truck bedliners and industrial coatings, hot and ambient temperature cast PU elastomers, PU prepols, PU adhesives, epoxy decorative flooring, PU spray foam insulation for roofing and walls, recreational and sporting PU binders, and highway and infrastructure polymer solutions.

Polycoat remains a family-owned business with 1 million square feet of manufacturing and R&D space across the United States. Polycoat’s products are renowned for their innovative chemistry, highest quality and responsive technical staff. Polycoat facilities are distinguished for their ISO
9001:2015 quality certifications.

The transaction closed on December 28, 2020. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.