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Research Shows Polyurethane Kitchen Sponge Helps Keep Disease-Causing E. coli at Bay

Study by Dr. Charles Gerba Finds Level of Fecal Bacterium E. coli Always 99.9% Less in Polyurethane Sponges vs. Cellulose


Jun 13, 2018, 09:00 ET

MEDIA, Pa., June 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — FXI, the leading producer of innovative foam products said a groundbreaking study by Charles P. Gerba, Ph.D., a renowned professor of Microbiology and Environmental Sciences at the University of Arizona, reveals that using a kitchen sponge made of polyurethane foam significantly reduces the spread of E. coli, decreasing the risk of infection by up to 90 percent, when compared to a traditional cellulose sponge.

According to the study, levels of fecal bacterium E. coli were always 99.9 percent less in polyurethane sponges than in cellulose sponges after use in households for one month.

The study, funded by FXI, was published in a peer-reviewed article by Food Protection Trends, found several advantages to using polyurethane sponges over cellulose sponges, which Dr. Gerba’s research previously found to be 200,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat.

According to Dr. Gerba’s latest study, a cellulose sponge becomes highly contaminated with millions of bacteria in just two to three days after initial use. Polyurethane sponges are significantly more resistant to contamination and showed 100 times less E. coli bacteria than cellulose sponges after 28 days on average.

“Cleaning with a cellulose sponge can cause fecal matter to spread around kitchen surfaces as well as your hands. Most kitchens cleaned using cellulose sponges wouldn’t pass a restaurant inspection,” said Dr. Gerba. “Polyurethane sponges always have fewer bacteria than cellulose sponges.”

“We have always believed that sponges made from our polyurethane foam provide for an outstanding cleaning tool, but are pleased to see that there is now scientific evidence that they also offer significant health benefits to consumers,” said Dave Minning, FXI’s Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer.

A link to the full study results can be found here:

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