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Q1 Chemical M&A

Chemical Deal Results

AmyrisDSMflavor and fragrance biobased intermediates business-$150v + earnout1st Quarter 2021
Bison Innovative ProductsRPMraised flooring systems – $26s1st Quarter 2021
Advent InternationalDuPontLaird Performance Materials (chemicals and materials for electronic devices) – $465s/$2,300v1st Quarter 2021
Goldner HawnArsenal CapitalApplied Products – DBA Applied Adhesives (manufacturer and distributor of adhesive and thermal products)1st Quarter 2021
IMCDJM HuberNutri Granulations manufacturing asset and associated business1st Quarter 2021
The Cary CompanyMaroon Groupraw materials and specialty chemicals distribution1st Quarter 2021
Copperhead ChemicalPMC Grouppharmaceutical-grade nitroglycerin and related energetic chemicals1st Quarter 2021
ProChem Energy ServicesTower Arch Capitalproduction chemicals, midstream chemicals, and other custom solutions for scale and corrosion prevention to leading oil and gas providers1st Quarter 2021
PQCerberus Capital & Koch Minerals and Tradingsodium silicate and silica derivatives business – $685s/$1,100v1st Quarter 2021
AlbemarleGracefine chemistry services (contract manufacturing for the pharmaceutical, agricultural chemical, lubricants, and specialty chemical industries) – $570v1st Quarter 2021
Superior PlusBirch Hill EquityERCO Worldwide (sodium chlorate and chlor-alkali products, and chlorine dioxide generators) – C$844s/C$725v1st Quarter 2021
American SecuritiesLanxessEmerald Kalama (preservatives for food, household, and cosmetic applications; flavors and fragrances; products for animal nutrition and specialty chemicals for industrial applications) – $425s/$1,080v1st Quarter 2021
MyriantStepanfermentation plant in LA.1st Quarter 2021
LonzaBain Capital and CinvenSpecialty Ingredients (microbial control solutions, industrial chemicals and specialty chemicals, for the electronics, aerospace, food and agrochemical industries) – $5,000s/$4,700v.1st Quarter 2021
Endurance TechnologiesPolytek (Arsenal Capital)polyurethane and epoxy systems1st Quarter 2021
Convergent Concrete TechnologiesMeridian Adhesives (Arsenal)concrete treatments and products1st Quarter 2021
InvistaStepanaromatic polyols – $100s1st Quarter 2021
Cul-Mac IndustriesSalt Creek Capitalbranded industrial automotive chemicals to private label household cleaners1st Quarter 2021
The Starco GroupHighline-Warren (Pritzker Capital)API (premium performance automotive and motorsport chemicals, including stop leak solutions, fluid oil additives, fuel additives and repair and maintenance products)1st Quarter 2021
Able Aerospace AdhesviesGracoRoberts (CM Equity Partners)adhesives, surface treatments and sealants distribution1st Quarter 2021
Dux Paint, Hawthorne Coating and Hood ProductsAlbi Protective Coatings (StanChem Polymers)industrial protective coatings1st Quarter 2021
Custom Chemical ServicesLBB Specialtiesdistribution1st Quarter 2021
Gardner-GibsonInnovative Chemical Products (Audax)liquid-applied roof coatings, roofing products, driveway sealers and specialty paints1st Quarter 2021
Al Chem Specialties/Cal ChemUSALCO (HIG Capital)chemicals for municipal water-treatment and industrial applications1st Quarter 2021
DalFort CapitalPPGVersaflex (polyurea, epoxy and polyurethane coatings)1st Quarter 2021
SolvayOpenGate Capitalamphoteric surfactant business in North America and Europe.1st Quarter 2021
Black Diamond Capital & Black RockPritzker Private CapitalVertellus (pyridine and picolines; intermediates for crop protection chemicals, biocides and pharmaceuticals; vitamin B3)1st Quarter 2021