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Q1 Chemical M&A Deals

April 6, 2022

Chemical Deal Results

Seems like a slow quarter; lots of deals in Q4 2020 in anticipation of tax changes . . .

Hall TechnologiesOmyadistribution1st Quarter 2022
Jeen InternationalVantage Specialty Chemicals (HIG Capital)supplies for the personal care, cosmetic, flavor & fragrance, and pharmaceutical markets.1st Quarter 2022
AP NonweilerRenovo Capitalindustrial coatings1st Quarter 2022
DebroLBB Specialtiesspecialty chemical distribution in Canada – $50s1st Quarter 2022
Sable MarcoSikamanufacturer of cementitious products and mortars in Canada1st Quarter 2022
Biotron Laboratories & Talus MineralAcetoingredients for the nutritional supplement industry1st Quarter 2022
J. Drasner & Co.HB Chemical (Ravago)low melting batch inclusion film and bags1st Quarter 2022
DuPontCelanesemajority of Mobility & Materials unit (nylons, polyesters (PET and PBT), and elastomers (TPC and EAE)) – $3,500s/$11,000v1st Quarter 2022
Mission Flavor & FragrancesHasegawaflavors and fragrances1st Quarter 2022
L&D AdhesivesApplied Adhesives (Arsenal Capital)adhesives and sealants1st Quarter 2022
Bregal UnternehmerkapitalArsenal CapitalATP Group (water-based adhesive tapes)1st Quarter 2022
InnoleoBiosynthetic Technologiesdistribution of castor oil and derivatives of castor oil1st Quarter 2022
Center Oak PartnersGryphon InvestorsVivify (specialty chemicals for colorant and related specialty applications in the packaging, plastics, personal care & cosmetics, food & beverage, coatings, and agriculture industries)1st Quarter 2022
NCP CoatingsCentury Park Capitalcoatings for the military, industrial, commercial, and forestry end markets1st Quarter 2022
GEO (CPS Performance Materials)PerstorpDi-Methylolpropionic Acid Business1st Quarter 2022