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Q2 Chemical M&A Activity

July 13, 2022

Chemical Deal Results

EverZinc (OpenGate Capital)US Zinc (Aterian)zinc oxide, zinc dust, and zinc metal products used in the tire, chemical, coatings and agriculture markets2nd Quarter 2022
NoramcoPharmaron BeijingAPI site in Rhode Island2nd Quarter 2022
DSM/FirmenichFirmenich/DSMmerger of the 2 companies (animal nutrition, perfume and delivery, food and beverage, health and nutrition) – $13,000s combined2nd Quarter 2022
Noble Gas SolutionsAir Water Americaspecialty gases, medical gases and industrial gases2nd Quarter 2022
Cary CompoundsGeon (SK Capital)PVC compounds2nd Quarter 2022
Johnson MattheyNano One MaterialsBattery Materials Canada (LFP facility in Canada) – $8v2nd Quarter 2022
DSMLanxess/Advent JVEngineered Materials (polyamides (PA6, PA66) as well as various specialty materials (PA46, PA410) and specialty polyesters as well as PPS) – €1,500s/€3.700v2nd Quarter 2022
Alliance AdhesivesApplied Adhesives (Arsenal Capital)regional supplier of adhesives and dispensing equipment solutions located in FL2nd Quarter 2022
TrecoraBalmoralhigh purity hydrocarbons and other petroleum-based products (including isopentane, normal pentane, isohexane and hexane) and synthetic waxes – $301s/$247v2nd Quarter 2022
United Gilsonite LaboratoriesSikacoatings for consumer and DIY waterproofing applications2nd Quarter 2022
LonzaMicrosizeparticle size reduction and control plant in PA2nd Quarter 2022
OC FlavorsShore Capitalnatural and organic-compliant liquid and powdered flavors2nd Quarter 2022
PerstorpPetronasacquisition of whole company (solutions with focus on the Resins & Coatings, Engineered Fluids and Animal Nutrition markets) – €1,334s/€2,300v2nd Quarter 2022
HIG CapitalSK CapitalValtris (plastic additives)2nd Quarter 2022
Benjamin MooreGemini CoatingsLenmar® Wood Finishes & Coatings2nd Quarter 2022
Arsenal Capital (CPS Performance Technologies)Cadre HoldingsCyalume Technologies (light sticks) – $25s/$35v2nd Quarter 2022
Carmelina CapitalSK CapitalFlorachem (natural plant-based ingredients including citrus, pine, and specialty rosin resins)2nd Quarter 2022
Mosaic MaterialsBaker Hughescarbon-dioxide capturing materials based on metal-organic frameworks2nd Quarter 2022
Health Wright ProductsIFFcustom formulations, encapsulation and packaging for the dietary supplement industry2nd Quarter 2022
DSMAvientProtective Materials (including Dyneema brand high strength fiber) – $415s/$1,485v2nd Quarter 2022


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