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Q2 M&A

Chemical Deal Results

Seller Buyer Business Date
BASF Colorcon Kollicoat IR coating systems 2nd Quarter 2016
ConAgra Givaudan SpiceTec (spices and savory seasoning products) – $185s/$340v 2nd Quarter 2016
Transferra Nanosciences Evonik liposomal drug delivery systems 2nd Quarter 2016
EnerG2 BASF polymer-based process for producing ultrapure, nanostructured carbon for energy storage devices 2nd Quarter 2016
Vestar Capital Henkel Sun Products (laundry detergent, fabric softeners and other household products) – $1,600s/$3,600v 2nd Quarter 2016
Dura Coat Products Axalta coatings for metal coil and related markets 2nd Quarter 2016
Collins Inkjet Kao inkjet ink and related equipment 2nd Quarter 2016
Cyberbond HB Fuller industrial adhesives 2nd Quarter 2016
Metokote PPG coatings services – $200s 2nd Quarter 2016
Eastman Solvay Primester (cellulose acetate flake) – sale of 50% interest in JV with Solvay 2nd Quarter 2016
Seller Buyer Business Date
BP Technip Hummingbird ethanol-to-ethylene technology 2nd Quarter 2016
Air Liquide Matheson 18 air separation units, 2 nitrous oxide plants, 4 liquid CO2 and dry ice plants, 2 CO2 plants, 3 Airgas retail packaged welding gas stores in Alaska 2nd Quarter 2016
Itaconix Revolymer itaconic acid polymers – $7v 2nd Quarter 2016
Chemours Veolia North America sulfur products – $262s/$325v 2nd Quarter 2016
Albemarle BASF Chemetall (surface treatment) – $845s/$3,200v 2nd Quarter 2016
Brazos Private Equity Olympus Partners Ennis-Flint (pavement marking coatings and products) 2nd Quarter 2016
Axiall Westlake acquisition of whole company (chloro-vinyls) – $3,300s/$3,800v 2nd Quarter 2016
One Rock Capital Italmatch Compass Chemical (organophosphates, polymers, and other specialty additives for water treatment and oil field applications) 2nd Quarter 2016
Scott Paint Florida Paints paint business in FL 2nd Quarter 2016
Vitacyclix Morre-Tec Industries vitamins, nutrients and bioflavonoids for fortification in food, dairy, beverage and nutritional products 2nd Quarter 2016


Seller Buyer Business Date
Bayer SBM Development North American and European Garden and Advanced units (plant care products for gardeners and homeowners) 2nd Quarter 2016
American Inks and Coatings Flint inks and coatings for the packaging industry 2nd Quarter 2016
Polynt/Reichhold Reichhold/Polynt merger of the 2 companies monomers and polymers for composites and coatings) – $2,400s combined 2nd Quarter 2016
Dystar Jiangsu Sinorgchem (Sinochem) Polymer Additives and Nitriles businesses 2nd Quarter 2016
Emerald Performance Materials Dystar Specialties, Polymer Additives and Nitriles business 2nd Quarter 2016
Air Products Evonik Specialty & Coating Additives – $1,100s/$3,800v 2nd Quarter 2016
BASF Trecora idled sterols plant in Pasadena TX 2nd Quarter 2016
US Chemicals Maroon Group distribution 2nd Quarter 2016
Sasco Chemical Polymer Solutions Group (Arsenal Capital) specialty chemicals for the rubber, wood, consumer and medical industries 2nd Quarter 2016
Chemours Lanxess Clean and Disinfect business – $110s/$230v 2nd Quarter 2016
Seller Buyer Business Date
BASF WR Grace Polyolefin Catalysts 2nd Quarter 2016
Akcros Chemicals Valtris Specialty Chemicals (HIG Capital) additives in production and processing of polymers, paint and coatings 2nd Quarter 2016
Piper Plastics Quadrant Group injection molding and compounding 2nd Quarter 2016
Precision Technology Valentus Specialty Chemicals (Huron Capital) floor coatings 2nd Quarter 2016
Peterson Chemical Arsenal Capital specialty polyols and additives 2nd Quarter 2016
Hago Chemotechnic Innovative Chemical Products (Audax) Fomo products (polyurethane foams, sealants and adhesives and accessories) 2nd Quarter 2016
Integra Adhesives IPS Corporation (Nautic Partners) specialty adhesives 2nd Quarter 2016
LM Scofield Sika concrete color additives 2nd Quarter 2016