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Q4 M&A

Chemical Deal Results

Seller Buyer Business Date
EID Parry Coromandel International biopesticides 4th Quarter 2017
Polymer Technology & Services LLC, Ravago specialty compounds based on polycarbonate, nylon, ABS, acetal and other materials, primarily for the electrical/electronics market 4th Quarter 2017
Whink Products RPM (Rust-Oleum) specialty cleaners and rust stain removal products – $6s 4th Quarter 2017
BMW SGL Carbon acquisition of BMW’s 49% stake in SGL Automotive Carbon – $106s (on a 100% basis) 4th Quarter 2017
Supeco Specialty Products Momar distribution 4th Quarter 2017
Albemarle WR Grace polyolefin catalysts – $416v 4th Quarter 2017
Omni Plastics Celanese custom compounding or engineered thermoplastic materials 4th Quarter 2017
Dow Chemical SK Global polyvinlylidene chloride 4th Quarter 2017
Research Fumigation Company Ecolab pest elimination for food and beverage markets 4th Quarter 2017
Royal Pest Solutions Ecolab pest elimination for food and beverage markets 4th Quarter 2017
Seller Buyer Business Date
Food Protection Services Ecolab pest elimination for food and beverage markets 4th Quarter 2017
Nutrisciemce Innovations Akoya Capital/Lakeview Equity/Grey Rock Capital specialty ingredients and functional raw materials to primary supplement food and beverage manufacturers 4th Quarter 2017
T & T Marketing M. Holland polymer resin distribution – $40s 4th Quarter 2017
Detrex Italmatch Chemical lubricant additives and high purity hydrochloric acid – $50s/$46v 4th Quarter 2017
Calico Food Ingredients Aakash Chemical manufacture and distribution of food colorants and additives 4th Quarter 2017
Nautic Partners Sherman Capital IPS Corporation (solvent cements, structural adhesives and specialty plumbing products) $700v 4th Quarter 2017
Solvay Lanxess phosphorus additives – $75s 4th Quarter 2017
Ranbar Electrical Materials Gabriel Performance Products (Audax) specialty resins, varnishes and coatings 4th Quarter 2017
Pfizer International Chemical Investors Group API site in CO 4th Quarter 2017
Tech Blend Cabot black color concentrates – $64v 4th Quarter 2017
Seller Buyer Business Date
Invista Shandong Ruyi Investment Holding textile fibers 4th Quarter 2017
Master Coating Technologies ICP Group specialty architectural coatings 4th Quarter 2017
NutraGenesis Innophos branded nutritional ingredients – $28v 4th Quarter 2017
Owensboro Specialty Polymers Borchers Americas (The Jordan Company) PVdC latex emulsions, PVaC emulsions and other specialties 4th Quarter 2017
Cetek Integrated Global Services (Industrial Growth Partners) high emissivity ceramic coatings services and high temperature maintenance services 4th Quarter 2017
Crestwood Equity Partners Kissner Group US Salt 4th Quarter 2017
Capital Partners Arsenal Capital Breen Color Concentrates (color concentrates) – $65s 4th Quarter 2017
Carolina Color Arsenal Capital color concentrates 4th Quarter 2017
Formac Pharmaceuticals WR Grace rights to patents for ordered-mesoporous-silica-based technology 4th Quarter 2017
Colorome Capol GmbH natural color pigments, flavors and natural vanilla extracts 4th Quarter 2017
Seller Buyer Business Date
Mt. Vernon Chemical (Apollo Chemical) Thomas Swan & Co. plant in AL 4th Quarter 2017
Bayer BASF seed and herbicide business – €1,300s/€5,900v 4th Quarter 2017
Ecolab Audax Equipment Care business – $180s 4th Quarter 2017
DowDuPont Co. and Teijin Indorama DuPont Teijin Films 4th Quarter 2017
CIDRA Chemical Management Buckman Laboratories CIDRA Chemical Management (intellectual property for measuring entrained air) 4th Quarter 2017
Arsenal Capital Carlisle Accella Performance Materials (polyurethane products) – $430s/$670v 4th Quarter 2017