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Recticel Results

• Combined sales growth of +5.7%, despite an adverse currency impact of -1.2%
• Strong volumes in Automotive and Insulation reflecting a supportive macro-economic environment
• Challenging raw material price increases leading to necessary price adjustments towards our customers
• Combined net financial debt: EUR 135.9 million

Olivier Chapelle (CEO): “We are satisfied with the sales growth that we have generated during the first quarter of 2017, in markets which have overall remained supportive. Volume growth and price increases have more than offset the negative currency impacts.
The main business challenge that Recticel is currently facing relates to the unprecedented pace of raw material price increases. Our commercial teams are focused on minimizing the impact of these price increases for Recticel.
After the fire incident affecting the Automotive factory of Most, Czech Republic, the supply situation continues to evolve positively and is now close to normalization.