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Say hello to Venator – now an independent specialist in titanium dioxide (TiO2) and performance additives for the global plastics industry

Wynyard, UK – Venator Materials PLC (Venator) – formerly the Pigments & Additives division of Huntsman Corporation – is now an independent business, listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:VNTR).

A dynamic, global, chemical company, headquartered in the UK, Venator is dedicated to the development and delivery of specialty titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigments and performance additives including color pigments, functional additives, and timber and water treatment chemicals.

In the plastics industry, Venator has one of biggest pigment and additive portfolios of any chemical company. The business offers a variety of TiO2 white pigments products, color pigments, and special pigments, additives and fillers that can meet the tough demands of high-performance polymer, masterbatch, compound, composite, elastomer and PVC manufacturing.

Making a dramatic difference to the color, aesthetics and performance of plastics used in daily life, Venator pigments and additives can be found in all kinds of everyday objects from your car to your favourite pair of trainers. Whatever the application, plastic formulators trust Venator to identify the right pigments and additives to meet specific requirements. Well-known brands available to the plastics industry from Venator include: ALTIRIS®, BLANC FIXE™, FERROXIDE®, HOMBITEC®, LITHOPONE, MAPICO®, SACHTLEBEN®, SACHTOLITH®, SACHTOSPERSE®, SOLAPLEX®, ULTRAMARINE and TIOXIDE®.

Simon Turner, President & Chief Executive Officer of Venator, said: “We’ve been producing innovative, high performance pigments and additives for many years – serving customers across a wide range of markets, including the global plastics industry. From one day to the next, our plastics experts can be working on an advanced titanium dioxide (TiO2) grade to optimize a plastic’s opacity; a special effect pigment to deflect solar rays and keep a plastic surface cool; or a color pigment to add vibrancy, interest and appeal to a plastic product. We are thrilled to continue this work as an independent company – focusing our efforts on the delivery of innovative pigments and additives that can make a real difference to plastic formulators worldwide.”

If you’ve got a new plastic product that you are working, or a formulation challenge that you need help with, why not say hello to Venator’s plastics experts. Email the team at:


About Venator 
Venator is a global manufacturer and marketer of chemical products that comprise a broad range of pigments and additives that bring color and vibrancy to buildings, protect and extend product life, and reduce energy consumption. We market our products globally to a diversified group of industrial customers through two segments: Titanium Dioxide, which consists of our TiO2 business, and Performance Additives, which consists of our functional additives, color pigments, timber treatment and water treatment businesses.  We operate 27 facilities, employ approximately 4,500 associates worldwide and sell our products in more than 110 countries.