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Wanhua TDI Acquisition Approved

April 12, 2023

Wanhua Chemical acquires Yantai Juli approved, TDI giant position consolidated further

On April 9, Wanhua Chemical issued an announcement that the company recently received approval from the operators of the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration, agreeing that Wanhua Chemical intends to acquire shares in Yantai Juli Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.; at the same time, the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration agrees to the additional restrictive conditions of operator concentration.

Wanhua’s acquisition of Juli antitrust was approved, and the competition pattern of TDI continued to be optimized

Wanhua Chemical plans to acquire a stake in Yantai Juli and take sole control of Yantai Juli, while Wanhua Chemical and Yantai Juli submit a restrictive commitment to the General Administration of Market Supervision. The General Administration of Market Supervision decided to attach restrictive conditions to approve the concentration, requiring both parties and entities after the concentration to fulfill their relevant obligations, including that the annual average price of supplying TDI to customers in China’s domestic market shall not be higher than the average price for the 24 months before the commitment date (March 30, 2023) after the completion of the transaction, maintain or expand the production of toluene diisocyanate in China, and continue R&D and innovation. Supply TDI to customers in the domestic market of China in accordance with the principles of fairness, reasonableness and non-discrimination. Customers in the domestic market in China shall not be forced to purchase TDI products exclusively or carry out tying unless there are legitimate reasons.

Yantai Juli and its wholly owned subsidiary Xinjiang Heshan Juli have a nominal production capacity of 230kt/year of TDI. Through this acquisition, the proportion of Wanhua Chemical TDI capacity in China will further increase from 35-40% to 45-50%, the main competitors in the domestic market will also change from 6 to 5, and the domestic TDI competition pattern will continue to be optimized. At the same time, if factoring into the 250kt/year TDI project under construction in Fujian, the company’s total nominal capacity will reach 1.03 million tons/year (including Juli’s TDI capacity), accounting for 28% of the world, ranking first in the world, with significant scale advantages. 


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