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Wanhua TPU Expansion

NRC announces increase in Wanhua’s production capacity

Three years ago, a business partnership between the German chemical distributor Nordmann, Rassmann (NRC) and Chinese TPU manufacturer Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd. was founded. Since then, NRC has been distributing Wanthane brand products and will be presenting these at the Fakuma trade fair from 13 – 17 October 2015 in Friedrichshafen, Germany. In addition, NRC will be announcing details of the new Wanhua plant that will be put into operation this year for the production of thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers.

Wanhua laid the foundation in 2011 for the completely new chemical industrial park, Wanhua New Industrial Park, in Yantai, extending over a total area of 10.6 km² with an investment volume of around EUR 10 billion. As an integral part of this, a new production plant for thermoplastic polyurethane is set to become operational in the fourth quarter of 2015, which will also include a laboratory and development centre. Over the course of this new construction, Wanhua will be increasing its production capacity from the approximate 75,000 t/y currently to roughly 120,000 t/y. Altogether the expansion is set to reach up to 200,000 t/y by 2020. Production units for the TPU raw materials will be another integral part of the Wanhua New Industrial Park. The various types of Wanthane TPU are based on different raw materials in order to suit a variety of processing methods, which include extrusion, film extrusion, injection moulding, and others. Applications are found in many areas of the industry, e. g. for hoses and tubes, cable sheathing, driving and conveyor belts, wheels, casters, and adhesives.

Wanhua’s flexibility and ability to respond quickly to individual customer needs with product modifications are especially notable, says NRC. Alongside the standard range, Wanhua therefore also has a large assortment of speciality products available to all customers.