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Wanhua Chemical deploys new high-end chemical materials

Echemi 2021-10-22

01 Strategic cooperation with Hikvision

On October 13, Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement at the global headquarters of Wanhua Chemical Group in Yantai.

Based on their respective deep accumulations in the industrial and technological fields, the two parties have reached strategic cooperation in the following two aspects:

Research and development of new high-end chemical materials

Wanhua Chemical will continue to cooperate with Hikvision on the structural material upgrade of hardware products.

02 Chemical safety production control

Hikvision regards chemical companies as providing AI-based production assistance, safety control and perception solutions, and using technological integration and innovation to help Wanhua Chemical’s digital and intelligent transformation.

Under the dual carbon goal, China’s chemical industry is in the process of replenishing and strengthening the chain. As a new chemical material company operating globally, Wanhua Chemical can rely on continuous innovation of core technology, industrialized equipment and efficient operation mode to promote the research and development and mass production of new high-end chemical materials, and help the development of high-tech products in structural materials. upgrade.

Green development and artificial intelligence have become important engines for the high-quality development of the chemical industry. The chemical industry is accelerating digitalization and continuously promoting innovation. The Internet of Things + AI has become an important bridge to realize digital transformation. As a builder of full-stack spectrum IoT capabilities and a partner in enterprise digital transformation, Hikvision can help users in the chemical industry realize scene IoT and intelligent perception, reduce the risk of enterprise accidents, and improve the company’s daily security and production safety early warning capabilities .

The cooperation agreement signed by the two parties this time can be said to be very strategic.

02 Jointly with Hillhouse to invest in Shanghai Leju

On October 12, Shanghai Leju Technology Co., Ltd. announced the completion of its B round of over 100 million yuan financing. This round of financing was jointly invested by Wanhua Chemical and Hillhouse Ventures. Leju had previously received Series A financing from Sinopec and Shangnan Group. It is understood that the funds raised by Le Orange in this round of financing will be mainly used for system algorithm research and development, packaging material technology investment and reverse logistics system construction.

Leju was established in 2018 and positioned as a supply chain infrastructure service company based on smart packaging and smart logistics. Leo Orange has products such as Yelopack Le Orange Yunguo, Yelotour Le Orange Yuntu, Yelolife Le Orange Newborn, and Yeloant Le Orange Carbon Ant. Its packaging products are recycled in accordance with national standards, aiming to promote the recycling of plastic products. Protect the natural environment to the limit and save resources.

In the context of the “first year of carbon neutrality” in 2021, Leju provides solutions to help customers achieve carbon neutrality goals and propose effective solutions from the three aspects of intelligence, renewable raw materials, and carbon reduction.

I believe that Wanhua Chemical’s investment in Leju will also help us realize our mission of chemistry and a better life.

03 Expansion of 250,000 tons/year TDI project

On September 23, the Fuzhou Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment announced the environmental impact assessment document for Wanhua Chemical (Fujian) Co., Ltd.’s expansion of the 250,000 tons/year TDI project (replacement of the existing 100,000 tons and approved 150,000 tons of TDI capacity).

Introduction to the basic situation of the project

1. Project name: Wanhua Chemical (Fujian) Co., Ltd. expands 250,000 tons/year TDI project;
2. Construction unit: Wanhua Chemical (Fujian) Co., Ltd.;
3. Construction nature: reconstruction;
4. Project construction site: Jiangyin Gangcheng Economic Zone, Fuzhou;
5. Project investment: The total investment of the project is 1927.3779 million yuan;
6. Floor area: The total land area is 62,313 square meters;
7. Estimated construction period: 2 years.

Introduction to the use of TDI

Toluene diisocyanate (TDI) is the basic raw material of polyurethane, which is mainly used to produce flexible polyurethane foam (soft foam, sponge), polyurethane elastomer, coating, adhesive, sealant and elastic polyether. Among them, flexible polyurethane foam, as the traditional consumption field of TDI, is widely used in furniture mattresses, carpets, internal components of vehicles, trains and airplanes, toys, etc., accounting for more than 70% of the total TDI consumption. Different raw materials used and changes in formula can be made into soft, semi-rigid polyurethane foam and other varieties.

In less than a month, Wanhua Chemical can be said to be constantly moving in different fields. Regardless of whether it is cooperation, investment or expansion, I believe Wanhua Chemical is a comprehensive consideration of integrating its own development into the development trend of the times.