EVERCHEM UPDATE: VOL. 07 – Green Lights and Bailouts

EVERCHEM UPDATE: VOL. 07 – Green Lights and Bailouts

GREEN LIGHT: It’s that unwonted time of year again, the slow drag of December selloffs has finalized, and the purchasing department dogs are let loose. BAILOUTS: Once an economic downturn presents itself in grandiose enough manner to be leveraged, victimhood goes in vogue.

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Chinese Propylene Economics

Analysis: Chinese PDH plants’ processing losses expected to widen in Jan

Processing losses widen on higher propane cost

Fujian Meide delays new PDH plant startup to H2 Feb

Three PDH plants shut for maintenance in Jan

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Insolvencies Set to Rise in 2020

Global Insolvency Outlook 2020

January 09 2020
10 min

Maxime Lemerle Head of Sector and Insolvency Research

A softer but broader based rise in corporate insolvencies

  • At a global level,
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EPA Clean Trucks Initiative

EPA Kickstarts ‘50-State’ Clean Trucks Initiative to Improve Air Quality

Agency says initiative would cut nitrogen oxide, modernize truck engines, and set standards without hurting U.S.

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REACH Impacts Epoxies

The far-reaching consequences of REACH

As the EU REACH legislation enters its final phase, the financial, administrative, occupational health and safety,

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