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Accella Expands Manufacturing into Germany

Accella Tyre Fill Systems, GmbH Is Now Producing the Arnco Product Portfolio

in Dortmund, Germany


ST. LOUIS, MO – August 11, 2015 – Accella Tyre Fill Systems, a leading manufacturer of tyre fill systems and flatproofing solutions for heavy duty industrial and “off the road” vehicles, today announced that production of the Arnco product portfolio is now taking place at the Dortmund, Germany manufacturing facility.


This is a significant milestone for the company and is a result of the acquisition of Zeus GmbH in August 2014. “The Dortmund, Germany facility is now a key strategic large scale tyre fill manufacturing and technology center to better serve our clients in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East for the Arnco, Pathway, and Zeus brands,” said Andy Harris, CEO of Accella. Historically, each of these brands are renowned for offering innovative products and leading technical pumping equipment with a strong marketing presence and experienced sales and technical personnel.


“The Dortmund, Germany manufacturing facility will now be able to offer traditional oil-based tyre fill systems along with reduced hazardous labelled materials,” commented Martin Roesler, Managing Director of Accella Tyre Fill Systems Operations. Significant investments have been made to develop new material technologies that promote sustainability and continue to offer value to our clients. Matt Pearson, Vice President of International Sales, added, “The Dortmund, Germany facility will serve as a technical center that will stock the full range of tyre fill pumps. This centre will offer technical training, parts and full pump service. Future plans include a commercial training centre where clients may send their employees for training to help improve their sales and profitability.”


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