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Chinese Production Update

TOPIC PAGE: Coronavirus, oil price direction – impact on chemicals

Author: Will Beacham


China’s PP prices have risen slowly since September amid limited plant production capacity, and the peak season in September and October may not be as obvious as in previous years. Watch the video as ICIS industry analyst Shawn Xiao tells us about the current uptrend in domestic PP prices.

China’s domestic propylene oxide (PO) market sees fresh round of price adjustments amid tight supply and weak exports of polyether polyols. Listen in as ICIS analyst Jady Ma and senior information director Chris Qi discuss the market dynamics in the latest ICIS podcast.

The domestic polyethylene (PE) market in China will gain momentum in the fourth quarter as supply may be tightened by operational cutbacks at some domestic plants from September, as well as expected turnarounds in the Middle East.

Domestic epichlorohydrin (ECH) supply may tighten in China as a major facility in Jiangsu province may shut in the wake of the country’s newly minted environmental policies.

Asia’s glycerine market is likely to continue to face upward pressure from soaring container freight rates and strong demand amid concerns over supply security.

Meanwhile, ongoing robust demand across most segments, persistent feedstock constraints and import delays continue to strain Europe epoxy resins supply and the tightness could extend into Q4, as Asian import disruption intensifies.

European toluene availability continues to have some length in the bulk sector, with consumption limited. Market conditions are expected by some to remain stable throughout September.

By contrast, European monoethylene glycol (MEG) spot supply remains limited for larger quantities, but imports are expected to improve in the next couple of months.

Updated on 17 Sep