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Covestro to Expand MDI

Covestro expands MDI capacity in Brunsbüttel

Covestro announced that it is moving forward with a repurposing of its production operations in Brunsbüttel, Germany. The Board of Management has now officially approved an expansion of MDI production capacity at the site. An existing, idled plant for the precursor TDI will be converted for production of MDI, says the company.


The plans call for roughly doubling production capacity at the site to a total of approximately 400,000 t of MDI per year. Commissioning of the new plant complex is scheduled for late 2018. Preliminary plans call for a total investment volume in the low hundreds of millions euros.

“The planned MDI plant complex is a milestone in terms of energy efficiency, environmental compatibility and productivity, in addition to meeting the highest safety standards,” said Dr. Steffen Kühling, site and production manager in Brunsbüttel. He added that the project also represents a clear commitment to the Brunsbüttel site and will help to secure jobs at the plant and in the region.

According to Covestro, its Brunsbüttel Industrial Park is particularly well-suited for the MDI expansion because raw materials and other precursors are available there, and the site also offers the infrastructure required. Furthermore, the site’s employees also have extensive expertise and experience, says the company.

The public authorities granted Covestro the permit for converting the plant in March 2014. This allows annual capacity to be expanded by as much as 220,000 t of MDI. During the conversion, some 300 employees of participating service providers will be working at the site.