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Crosslink continues to reach new markets

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Photo by RPN photo by Mike McNulty James Steever (left) and Dipak Parekh discussed the latest developments involving Crosslink at the recent Polyurethane Manufacturers Association meeting in Charlotte, N.C.

CHARLOTTE, N.C.—Crosslink Technology Inc. has made several key additions and is planning others in its continuing efforts to expand its reach in North America and abroad.

A producer of polyurethane and epoxy compounds along with electrical cast parts, the Mississauga, Ontario-based company has been making inroads in several markets in the last few years, with the electrical cast parts, epoxy and urethane ends of its business making the biggest strides, according to Dipak Parekh, business development manager for global markets.

He said Crosslink has become a bigger supplier to major utility service contractors and is selling its polyurethanes and epoxies to casting companies.

Now it is making internal moves aimed at solidifying its growth plans, and it is looking to extend its reach in North America and abroad.

“We've created a board of directors to help chart the future direction of the company,” Parekh said.

Crosslink also has added two new national sales managers: Mike Groves, who is responsible for electrical cast parts, and Shelley Chaulk, who heads the liquids sales team.

In addition, James Steever has joined the company's governing board of directors, which recently was created to help guide the company as it moves forward, Parekh said at the recent Polyurethane Manufacturers Association meeting, held in Charlotte.

It is a more formal structure aimed at creating a strategy for growth, Steever said.

Within that structure, Parekh and Steever said, the growing maker of urethane and epoxy compounds is now searching for a CEO to serve as the overall top executive within the firm. “The person will oversee the whole operation and report to the board of directors,” Parekh said.

Crosslink, which employs 35 to 40 regularly, wants to expand not only its North American base, but it also is hoping to make greater inroads in India. It has been making calculated strides on that front for the last several years, he said.

“For instance, we're talking to some companies in India about partnering with them,” he said. India is forecasting tremendous growth in the infrastructure development and specialty power generation sector, he added.

“This is partially due to the large investment by the government and private sectors. Crosslink has a vast array of formulated epoxy and urethane systems for insulating applications for the electrical markets.”

Parekh cited cast epoxy stand-off insulators, transformer bushings, electrical potting and encapsulating applications as examples.

In addition, the company would like to grow further in South America and South Korea. And several of its best known products—led by Triathane, an offering that he said has really taken off—along with some more recent innovations has helped open the door in some countries.

According to the business development director, Triathane is a three component, low viscosity liquid system. “You can control the hardness of the cast part by just varying three components. You can cover the hardness range from 10 Shore A to 90 Shore A. The productivity can be increased by four or five times if the part is molded in a hot oven at higher temperatures.”

There are three versions of Triathane: regular, abrasion resistant and electrically conductive.

Crosslink exports its product to Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Chile, India and Europe, either directly or through distributors, Parekh said.