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Force Majeure in Europe

Covestro Europe Declares Force Majeure on TDI and MDI
2016-10-08    [Source:Covestro]

October 6, 2016

Dear Sir / Madam,

Due to an unforeseeable production issue at our Nitric Acid supplier, all our MDI and TDI production plants in Europe can currently only be operated with reduced capacity. The supplier formally notified that the Nitric Acid unit which has been undergoing its regular turnaround shutdown can not be re-started due to unforeseen circumstances beyond supplier’s reasonable control and consequently declared Force Majeure.

The resulting losses of nitric acid in our production units will lead to a significant reduction in our supply capabilities along the MDI and TDI value chain. At this moment, we cannot predict how long this situation will continue. The missing nitric acid quantities cannot be compensated through purchases from other suppliers. We therefore predict significant delivery delays for all affected MDI and TDI products, including their intermediates.

We regret to inform you that as a result of the situation described above we have to declare


For all TDI and MDI products including their intermediates. Please find a full list attached.

During the period of Force Majeure we cannot guarantee any punctual deliveries – in some cases we will not be able to ensure supply at all. However, wherever possible we will make sure that we inform you about possible alternative solutions.

We will of course keep you informed about to be allocated volumes and measures taken to minimize potential disruptions on your side.

Your usual sales person will be in contact with you shortly.