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INOAC was the first company to introduce polyurethane foaming technology in Japan and has become a leading innovator of polyurethane technology worldwide. However, rather than specializing in a single area of business, INOAC has added other materials such as rubber, plastics, and composite materials. As our material expertise has expanded, the industries that we contribute to have expanded as well, from automotive to electronics, building materials, home furnishings, consumer products, and healthcare, which allow us to live comfortable lives.


Business Description

The development of high performance materials based on polyurethane, rubber, plastics and composites, and manufacture of products utilizing these materials contributing to a variety of fields closely related to a daily life such as automotives, two-wheeled vehicles, information technology equipment, housing and construction materials, and consumer products.



Having started manufacturing tires and tubes for bicycles, INOAC Group is now a comprehensive supplier of polyurethane, rubber, plastics and composites.

Established INOUE RUBBER CO., the predecessor of INOUE RUBBER CO., LTD. in Nagoya, starting manufacturing tires and tubes for bicycles.

Established MTP KASEI CO., LTD.

Established INOUE MTP CO., LTD.

Changed company name to INOAC CORPORATION.



Development and manufacture of high-performance materials based on polyurethane, rubber, plastics and composites






Chemical products based on polyurethane, rubber, plastics and composites.



Headquarter: Nagoya and Tokyo

Sales Office: Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Kyushu, Sapporo, Tohoku, Hamamatsu and Hiroshima

Plants: Anjo, Sakurai, Shinshiro, Yana, Toyohashi, Taketoyo (Aichi Pref.), Nanno and Seino (Gifu Pref.)

Research Laboratory; INOAC Technical Center Co., Ltd.

Overseas; USA, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, China, Taiwan and Korea



1930s    Started exporting IRC (INOUE RUBBER CO., LTD.) brand tires and tubes.

1954      Launched Japan’s first polyurethane production operation, under the technological tie-up with BAYER AG, Germany.

1950s    Expanded business into automotive component industry, and bedding and nursery-item fields.

1959      Established the first overseas joint venture, ASSOCIATED RUBBER INDUSTRIES LTD. in Sri Lanka, starting a full-scale overseas expansion.

1960s    Advanced into piping materials and consumer products fields.

1970s    Advanced into furniture, materials for distribution and cosmetic fields.

Expanded overseas operation in Southeast Asia.

1980s    Advanced into materials for construction, IT equipments and packaging material fields.

Expanded overseas operation in USA in earnest.

1990s    Advanced into welfare and nursing care products field.

Expanded overseas operation in China in earnest.

2000s    Advanced into environmental business field.

2010s    Strengthened and expanded business locations in Southeast Asia.

2014      Established “International Polyurethane Technology Foundation.”