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Propylene Glycols Increase from Lyondell

October 16, 2020
Subject: Lyondell Chemical Company; Propylene Glycol Price Increase

Dear Valued Customer,

Effective November 1, 2020 or as contracts allow, Lyondell Chemical Company (“Lyondell”) is increasing off list prices for all grades of Propylene Glycol in North America and South America per the following:

Propylene Glycol Industrial Grade (PGI) $0.10/lb
Propylene Glycol USP/EP Grade (PG USP/EP) $0.10/lb
Di-Propylene Glycol Industrial Grade (DPGI) $0.10/lb
Di-Propylene Glycol Fragrance Grade (DPGF) $0.10/lb
Tri-Propylene Glycol (TPG) $0.10/lb
Tri-Propylene Glycol Acrylate Grade (TPGA) $0.10/lb

This price increase is in addition to previous Propylene Glycol price increases announced by Lyondell.

Our acceptance of orders submitted prior to the increase date will be subject to our ability to supply. We appreciate the confidence you have placed in us as a supplier, and we look forward to our continuing business relationship. As always, your account manager is available to work
with you or answer any questions you may have.