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TDI Capacity Analysis

2016 Global TDI Capacity Distribution Analysis

2017-01-25    [Source:PUdaily]


PUdaily, Shanghai-In 2016, global TDI has a capacity of 2693 kt, cutting by 193 kt over the past year.


Vencorex French shuts down its equipment with a capacity of 126 kt on the second half of 2015, and the company announces to transform the TDI equipment to HDI one to underpin its HDI and IPDI business. MCNS also puts an end to its 117-kt-capacity equipment in Kashima, Japan on the end of May 2016. Given that Liaoning Jinhua declares a bankrupt, its TDI equipment with a 50 kt capacity is shut down on the end of September 2016. Besides, BASF’s newly-built TDI equipment in Ludwigshafen with a capacity of 300 kt is put into trail production in August 2016 whilst 80-kt equipment in Schwarzheide Germany is closed.


In the next five years, capacity expansion will mainly happen in China and Middle East. Generally, the small and middle TDI equipment will be closed or replaced by large one. Compared with relatively mature TDI production and consumption in Europe and America, regions developed or backward in polyurethane industry in Asia, Africa, Mideast, and Latin America will witness the new increasing point. Moreover, Asia, especially China, will produce and consume TDI most. Going forward, China will service as the core of the global TDI market more with the equipment expansion of Wanhua Chemical, Covestro, BASF, etc.