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ERA Polymers to Build in North Carolina

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Era Polymers are very pleased to announce, that we have
purchased a purpose built polyurethane manufacturing facility in
North Carolina, USA.

So, what does that mean?

WELL, The facility has been specifically designed to manufacture
the sorts of urethane systems, that we have been selling into the
USA, for more than 15 years.

• We have reactors (we call them KETTLES).
• We have a tank farm (we call them Bulk Storage facilities).
• We have hot boxes (I think that you also call them hot boxes,
or maybe, LARGE ovens, for melting stuff).
• We have laboratories. (To “die for” … I’m a connoisseur of
laboratories… I think that we have about 16, stashed around
the world. And these new laboratories, are superb).

Just to show you what I mean , I have attached some photos.
And, above all that “stuff”, we have the right skilled people to
operate the plant.

I’ve said it for a long, long, time;
“ We are only as good as the people that we employ…
AND, we employ, a lot of very good people”

In total, we have everything we need to produce the high quality
prepolymer systems, that we have become famous for.
We have started outfitting our new facility. In a few short months, we
will be “ready to go”.

This facility will produce urethane prepolymers, not just for the USA
market, but also, for the Canadian, Mexican, South American, and
European markets.

And like with all our facilities, in Australia, New Zealand and South
Africa… we will encourage our customers, YOU, to come and see what
we do, and how we do it! Era Polymers is a family business.
We are 150 people strong.

We are passionate, about all things, polyurethanes…AND, we are
especially very passionate, about our customers.

We look forward to being of continuing service to you…. NOW, from
our new home, in Stanley, North Carolina, USA.

Best Wishes,  George Papamanuel