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Former Foamex Eddystone, PA Site

For you nostalgia fans . . .

From what we found out, a company purchased the site for $15 MM USD last year (Foamex/FXI initially sold it to a metal recycling company for $13 MM in 2010). 

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Who Remembers Y2K?

Watch Computer Experts Discuss the Y2K Problem in 1999

BY Chris Higgins December 31, 2016 // Computer // Computer Chronicles

In the late 1990s,

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History of the Water Bed

What Happened to Waterbeds? An Update on the Trendy Aquatic Mattresses of the 80’s

Taylor Galla

a bird sitting on top of a body of water: Waterbed-Featured-Image
© Shutterstock Waterbed-Featured-Image


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