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IPDI Update

From a good source of Chinese urethane info

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Hanwha TDI Investments

Chairman Kim Seung-yeon returns to Hanwha Group to drive new businesses

As Chairman of Hanwha Group Kim Seung-yeon returns to management after seven years,

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Chemical Prices Soar in China

Soaring 11,000 yuan/ton! Chemical raw materials skyrocketed “breaking records”!

Echemi 2021-03-17


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BPA Podcast

Tight BPA global supply to persist amid US weather outages

Author: Jasmine Khoo


SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Bisphenol-A (BPA) markets are facing a supply crunch globally,

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BPA Update from China

In the bisphenol-A (BPA) market, spot import market sentiment in China was bolstered by good demand and supply constraints.

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BDO & PTMEG Asian Update

Spandex value chain: uptrend hard to change temporarily

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Price change of spandex market around Spring Festival holiday Variety Unit 2021-2-6 2021-3-1 Change Change BDO yuan/mt 15,950 31,000 15,050 94.36% MMDI yuan/mt 21,600 22,500 900 4.17% PTMEG yuan/mt 23,325 30,300 6,975 29.90% Spandex 20D yuan/mt 56,000 74,000 18,000 32.14% Spandex 30D yuan/mt 54,000 70,000 16,000 29.63% Spandex 40D yuan/mt 46,000 61,000 15,000 32.61%

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Butanediol Price Surge in China

BDO market sees a booming start

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Price of BDO hiked after Lunar Chinese New Year. Bid price of BDO soared by around 35% to 22,050yuan/mt on Feb 18 from 16,300yuan/mt on Feb 1. Read more

Duties Imposed in India to Attract Domestic MDI Production

Indian ministry says petrochemical, polymer sectors to witness growth

Feb ’21

Pic: Shutterstock

Pic: Shutterstock The increased outlay for healthcare and the fund for vaccination in the budget will boost polymer consumption with requirements of syringes and other polymer based healthcare products,

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