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EVERCHEM UPDATE: VOL. 07 – Green Lights and Bailouts

GREEN LIGHT: It’s that unwonted time of year again, the slow drag of December selloffs has finalized, and the purchasing department dogs are let loose. BAILOUTS: Once an economic downturn presents itself in grandiose enough manner to be leveraged, victimhood goes in vogue.

Pent Up Demand

Trailer manufacturers posted 57,300 orders in December, the second-highest monthly intake since ACT Research began tracking in 1996. The volume appeared to be a catch-up after OEMs blocked many orders from April to August because they lacked pricing visibility.

Freight Market Improving

The freight market appears to be stabilizing, suggesting clear skies ahead.

Fun For The Weekend

The U.S. primarily uses natural gas, coal, and nuclear power, while Canada relies on both hydro and nuclear.

European Flexible Foam Update

October 2022 for the first time ever Europe imported more chemicals than it exported, and the industry at large is at “a breaking point”. Major German raw materials suppliers, also active in the polyurethane supply chain, have warned that the situation may prompt them to adapt their European strategies in the short term.

More on the Ports

Gene Seroka, the executive director of the Port of Los Angeles, told Bloomberg the days of more than 100 container ships waiting in queue and massive container backlogs are all but over. 

Imports Normalizing

The “new normal” is looking a lot like the old normal as U.S. imports continue to fall

U.S. Auto Sales

November Total Vehicle Sales in the U.S. were 14.65M Units

Mattress Imports in November 2022

U.S. imports of Mattresses and other bedding products totaled $348.83 million in November, a change of -32.62 percent from the same month one year ago.