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Polish Furniture Industry Profile

Is Poland Europe’s New Furniture-Making Powerhouse?

With continued uncertainty hovering over U.S.–China trade relations, manufacturers are searching for alternatives—and Poland is poised to step in

December 20,

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Hazardous Material Spill Closes Rt. 2
January 15, 2020
Tyler Star News
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At approximately 8:10 p.m.

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Mattress Market Issues

Chinese ‘dumping’ has slashed mattress prices, but at a cost to the U.S. bedding industry
Nathan Bomey

Bought a crazy-cheap mattress in the last few years?

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JP Morgan Economic Overview

A Look Back at 2019 and the Economy’s New Normal
Inside the year’s biggest anxieties—from trade tensions to the inverted yield curve—and a glimpse of the future as the economy steadies. Read more

Furniture Manufacturing Update

The U.S. Furniture Industry Is Back—but There Aren’t Enough Workers

Companies expanding American production due to consumer preferences and tariffs are finding a dearth of skilled workers

Ruth Simon


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Canadian Rail Strike Update

Trucks are hard to come by because of the rail strike . . .


What is really going on with the CN Rail strike, Read more