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EVERCHEM UPDATE: VOL. 07 – Green Lights and Bailouts

GREEN LIGHT: It’s that unwonted time of year again, the slow drag of December selloffs has finalized, and the purchasing department dogs are let loose. BAILOUTS: Once an economic downturn presents itself in grandiose enough manner to be leveraged, victimhood goes in vogue.

TSCA Price Hikes

Lower Costs

EPA proposes significant increases in fees, summarized in Table 5 of the proposed rule, including:

PMN fee of $45,000 increased from $19,020.

LVE fee of $13,200 increased from $5,590.

EPA-initiated risk evaluation fee of $5,081,000 collectively, increased from $2,560,000.

Test order fee $25,000, increased from $11,650.

German Support

“Wide Rescue Umbrella”: Germany Plans To Support Companies As Energy Crisis Worsens

by Tyler DurdenFriday, Sep 09, 2022 – 05:45 AM

Natural gas and electricity prices have become so expensive in Germany that the economic engine of Europe is shutting down and at risk of a ‘Lehman-style’

More On Carpenter/Recticel

CMA opens phase 2 investigation

Occasional information, Brussels, 18/07/2022 — 09:58 CET, 18.07.2022

As of this morning,

Superfund Tax Overview

Chem firms brace for new US Superfund taxes

Author: Al Greenwood


HOUSTON (ICIS)–Chemical companies are bracing themselves for the return of two Superfund taxes,

Lockdown Lifted

Shanghai Is Finally Lifting Its COVID Lockdown

by Tyler DurdenTuesday, May 31, 2022 – 06:00 PM

After another two months of misery and lockdowns,

DOJ & The Supply Chain

DOJ expands scrutiny of possible supply-chain profiteers

Trucking, warehousing, 3PLs could be in antitrust division’s crosshairs

John Gallagher,