Propane/Propylene Forecast

September 29, 2021

The Propane Nightmare Before Christmas: Tight Fundamentals Will Dampen Propylene Margins

The notion that global supply chains have been severely impacted by COVID is not new,

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Hexion to Split Into Two Companies

Hexion Holdings Corporation Announces Plan to Separate Into Two Independent Companies

Hexion Holdings Corporation Plans to be Listed Publicly on the NYSE;

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China Update

China economy to slow as industries struggle from power crunch

Author: Fanny Zhang


SINGAPORE (ICIS)–China’s economic prospects are being weighed down by an ongoing power crunch in a huge swathe of the country,

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Railcar Primer

Why Is The Number Of Railcars In Storage Important?

by Tyler DurdenTuesday, Sep 28, 2021 – 02:10 PM

By Joanna Marsh of FreightWaves,

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More on China Energy Programs

China’s crackdown on intensive energy use ripples across petrochemical sector


Cracker, PDH plants mull output cuts, hikes amid impact on margins

Coal shortage further constrains operations in coal-olefin sector

Bigger producers can gain —

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Online Advice

Strategies to Help Protect Your Digital Footprint

You can’t erase your digital footprint, but you can take steps to safeguard it.

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