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Benzene Update

Low temperature climate causes U.S. benzene prices to soar


On February 16,

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Consumer Spending Surge

US: Consumers went on an Unexpected Rampage in January

Dan North | February 17, 2021 The US consumer came roaring back with a vengeance in January as retail sales sky-rocketed 5.3% m/m,

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Highlights from Today’s Event

There were many interesting topics in today’s virtual lunch event, including the fact that estimates of total U.S.

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Gulf Coast Update

US Gulf Coast ice storms cause chems production freeze

Author: Tom Brown


LONDON (ICIS)–An almost unprecedented polar storm sweeping across the US Gulf Coast states has led to shutdowns and production cuts at a swathe of petrochemicals plants and refineries in the area,

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Airport Parking

Stunning Images Reveal Massive Commercial Jet Parking Lot Amid Travel Collapse

by Tyler DurdenTuesday, Feb 16, 2021 – 22:10

Pilot and photographer Jassen Todorov captured stunning images of hundreds of commercial jets parked in airfields across the US amid the downturn in air travel thanks to the virus pandemic,

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Cold Temperatures In Houston

Sub-freezing temps in US Gulf could disrupt plant operations, logistics

Author: Adam Yanelli


HOUSTON (ICIS)–A cold front making its way across the US this weekend could disrupt plant operations or impact logistics if temperatures spend enough time below freezing.

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