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Mattress Market Issues

Chinese ‘dumping’ has slashed mattress prices, but at a cost to the U.S. bedding industry
Nathan Bomey

Bought a crazy-cheap mattress in the last few years?

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Tariff Update

China says it has agreed with U.S. to cancel tariffs in phases


* Tariffs imposed during months-long war to be cancelled in phases

* Commerce ministry spokesman does not specify timetable

* Both sides must simultaneously scrap some tariffs

* Comments follow “serious and constructive”

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New Hampshire FR Regulation

New Hampshire to restrict chemicals in furniture, firefighting foams

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Brake Safety Week

Brake Safety Week

September 15-21

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) will be holding Brake Safety Week this year from September 15-21.

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Tariffs and MDI

Impact of the US-China trade war on the MDI market

23 August 2019James Elliott

The polymeric methyl diphenyl diisocyanate (pMDI) market has been impacted by the latestdevelopments in the United States-China trade war.

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